About Us

Power of Touch Wellness is a unique treatment clinic dedicated to restoring movement and alleviating pain caused by dysfunctional muscle tissue.  This begins with a thorough medical history, along with an evaluation of  posture, mobility, body mechanics, and any factors that may perpetuate the pain. Treatment consists of gentle, specialized and non-invasive manual therapies.

We also  provide instruction for simple movements and self-treatment techniques that may be performed by the client in the comfort of his or her own home. We strongly encourage our clients to become actively involved in their own care, as this greatly enhances the extent and speed of recovery.

Our Locations

Power of Touch Wellness maintains three treatment locations in Forest Hills, Shadyside and Lawrenceville, with free parking located directly adjacent to the buildings. We can be easily accessed from Downtown, various City neighborhoods, and many surrounding suburbs. Privacy, comfort and a relaxing atmosphere characterize all of our treatment spaces, without the frustrations of long waits or noisy waiting rooms.


All appointments are personally scheduled to maximize our clients’ convenience.

Anita Scaglione, Owner and Pain Relief Specialist

Anita-1Anita Amato Scaglione is a pain relief specialist, board certified in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. She established Power of Touch Wellness so that she could follow her own vision of eliminating pain. Her unique approach of using a variety of gentle, pain-free methods has surprised many clients who previously thought that painful therapies were required to cure their problems. Anita believes in keeping a child’s mind—innovative, flexible and unwilling to accept “it’s not possible” as an option. She applies the same thorough, analytical approach to solving her clients’ pain problems as she did in her previous career as a successful trial lawyer for many years.

Email Anita at: anita@poweroftouchwellness.com.
License #MSG007153

John Casciato, Massage and Pain Relief Therapist

John-1John Casciato is also a Board Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, as well as a formally trained and licensed massage therapist. He discovered the benefits of these therapies while pursuing his hobby of competitive power lifting. The dramatic increase in his strength and mobility fueled his passion to learn the techniques in order to help athletes and non-athletes alike. He has gained new insights and experience working in a Chiropractic office as well as providing massage therapy for college athletes. John focuses on getting people back to being able to do the things that they enjoy, with a tailored plan for each client.

Email John at: john@poweroftouchwellness.com.
License #MSG001973