A Brief Introduction to Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Sufferers of chronic pain may find it surprising when they realize that, although their muscles may lie at the root of their problem, there is no medical specialty that specifically addresses muscle health. Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy helps relieve pain, stiffness and restricted motion by releasing contraction knots, a/k/a “Trigger Points”, located in muscle tissue. These contraction knots develop as a result of accidents or injuries, muscle overload, disuse or misuse of muscles, as a side effect of other physical conditions or illnesses, and much more.

Oftentimes, pain is experienced in one location, yet the root of the pain lies in another. Headaches are a common example of this type of pain, known as “referred pain”. Contraction knots in the upper back and shoulders are frequently the cause of chronic headaches, and treatment of this area proves particularly effective in providing relief.

Though trigger points affect active and inactive people alike, athletes of any level may find the treatment particularly effective for enhancing performance while reducing overuse injuries. For example, avid runners often experience tightness in the hamstring, which can lead to a variety of problems left untreated. Hamstrings are easily and effectively treated through Myofasical Trigger Point Therapy. Here , I treat Amy for tightness in her hamstrings. At the end of this segment, a “before and after” slide shows the increase in range of motion resulting from the treatment.

During a typical session, a postural assessment will take place after a thorough history. You can view a video of me administering a postural assessment here. Range of motion testing will then follow on the targeted area, followed by treatment, and finally a post-treatment range of motion test to assess the effectiveness of the session. It is important to note that treatments are generally pain-free with most individuals reporting virtually no discomfort at all during their session.
Numerous benefits result from Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, including:

• Pain relief
• Improved mobility and range of motion
• Relieved muscle stiffness
• Re-set neuromuscular connections
• Postural corrections
• Improved Circulation
• An overall calming of the nervous system

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