Making a “Now” Resolution


As we enter the holiday season “full on” as my kids would say, we can become overwhelmed by the many tasks that come with this time of year: extra work, shopping, decorating, cooking, cleaning and stressing about all types of “problems”.  The time and energy crunch tempts us to neglect our own wellbeing now with a promise to do better next year.

I am inviting all of you to join me today, not in 2015, to find easier ways to stay on the path towards improving wellness. Whether your challenge is dealing with chronic pain, improving your diet, exercising regularly, or reducing excess stress, I believe that it is easier maintain consistency (or even just make a plan) NOW, rather than procrastinate or lose control. The increased energy and confidence that comes from taking positive steps is worth the effort.

 We can often sabotage our goals by trying to be “perfect” from the outset. Set yourself up for success by just doing a little everyday toward what you want to achieve. The challenge to reaching what we want is to stay on track.

 Some simple ways to start or stick to your goals could include:

  • Taking 10-15 minutes daily to breathe, meditate or stretch
  • Joining a group exercise class
  • Scheduling a wellness appointment
  • Connecting with positive people and groups
  • Easting regular meals

 It’s easier than you think. If you don’t know where to start, ask someone whose healthy habits you admire. It’s my experience that people are happy to share their “health secrets” with other who are trying to improve themselves.

 Here’s to a happy and stress-free holiday season for all!