Holistic Reflexology


What is Reflexology

Our holistic reflexology treatment is perfect for deep relaxation.  Based in Chinese Medicine (like acupuncture), reflexology involves working pressure points on the feet.  This modality activates the self-healing power of the body, strengthens the immunes system, offers pain relief, increases circulation and creates a deep relaxation.  It’s perfect for anyone who is looking to reduce their stress levels.

The Session

Imagine getting your feet massaged for an hour!  Your feet hold you up every day and deserve some TLC! You will remain clothed and covered with a blanket, while lying on the Biomat. Guided meditation can be used in conjunction with the treatment to create an even more relaxed state.  I work on your pressure points in the feet, and each session will be custom tailored to your needs. An in-depth questionnaire helps guide the starting point of the sessions.

How Can Reflexology Help Me?

Reflexology can be helpful for any chronic, stress aggravated conditions by enhancing the body’s own healing ability. Some examples are:  migraine headaches, chronic pain, digestive disorders, allergies, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, fibromyalgia, and infertility.

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