About Us

Power of Touch Wellness offers personalized care to address movement restrictions and pain caused by muscle dysfunction. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of your medical history, posture, mobility, and body mechanics. We provide gentle, specialized manual therapies aimed at restoring function without invasive techniques. Additionally, we offer guidance on simple movements and self-treatment techniques for ongoing care at home. We believe in empowering our clients to take an active role in their recovery process, fostering a faster and more comprehensive healing journey.

Our Locations

Our primary clinic is situated in Monroeville, complemented by a satellite office in North Oakland. Conveniently accessible from Downtown, various city neighborhoods, and surrounding suburbs, we offer ease of access for our clients. Each of our treatment spaces is designed to prioritize privacy, comfort, and relaxation, eliminating the common frustrations of long waits and noisy waiting rooms. We personally schedule all appointments to optimize convenience for our clients. In Monroeville, parking is free, while in Oakland, street parking can be conveniently paid for at a kiosk or through the Parkmobile app.

Anita Amato, Owner and Pain Relief Specialist

Anita-1Anita Amato, a board-certified expert in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, founded Power of Touch Wellness in 2012 with a clear mission: to provide relief for individuals struggling with persistent or complex pain. Driven by a commitment to innovation, Anita continuously expands her knowledge and integrates new techniques, challenging the traditional belief that therapy must be painful to be effective. Her gentle approach often surprises clients accustomed to more aggressive methods. Drawing from her background as a seasoned trial lawyer, Anita employs a meticulous, analytical approach to address pain issues. Beyond her expertise, Anita is known for her deep compassion and dedication to her clients’ well-being. Central to her mission is empowering clients with simple strategies and tools to use in the comfort of their own home, fostering independence and continued healing beyond the clinic. Her philosophy emphasizes innovation and flexibility, rejecting limitations and embracing possibilities to deliver optimal care with warmth and empathy.

Email Anita at: anita@poweroftouchwellness.com.
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