Anita has helped me tremendously with my pain issues. She is great at what she does and her passion shows in her work. She always goes the extra mile. I have referred several people to her and will continue to do so. And she is fun to hang out with!”


I left with stretching exercises to continue my healing, and felt the postitive impact of my treatment immediately”


Anita is very attentive to feedback during her work and adjusts to what the patient needs as she is working on a particular area


I was able to sleep through the night without pain waking me up for the first time in weeks!


Anita is flexible, thorough, attentive and generous.


Pain in my upper back and neck prompted me to visit Anita at Power of Touch Wellness. She explained everything so thoroughly that I was completely at ease and relaxed. Afterwards, I felt almost instant relief and ease of tension. I have already recommended Power of Touch Wellness to friends, and will continue to do so!”


My son had a nagging sports injury. After frustrating weeks with working with the school trainers it wasn’t getting any better. After hearing about Power of Touch Wellness, we decided to try it. After only a few sessions he was back in the game.”


The Biomat was amazing! The heat calmed down my body from the stress of the day so your Trigger Point Therapy could work more effectively. Great add on!! Everyone should try it!!!”


Anita’s new Biomat is amazing! It calmed my inflammation immensely, and the results were almost as if I had a complete Trigger Point Therapy session! I was surprised that I could actually feel the pain subsiding and the spasms releasing as Anita worked…The sensation of the work being done along nerves and muscle is hard to describe, but it was interesting and exciting!”


I’m so happy to have found Anita. She immediately makes me feel comfortable when I walk in for treatment. Her knowledge and experience shows through her work and thoughtful questions. I also appreciate how she selected specific therapies that fit my needs and body. I feel lasting relief immediately after each session.

Working with other therapists I would always request high pressure work because I assumed the harder and deeper the better. Anita’s touch was lighter then I was used to but I felt that somehow it was even deeper than I have ever received. More effective and longer lasting results. The method and precision of her work is amazing.

I also enjoy the serenity of the massage room. A heated table and use of essential oils are quite luxurious and encourage further relaxation. I always sleep soundly and deeply after a session. Highly recommended and very affordable for the value of the work being done.”


I’ve been going to Anita for several months on a weekly basis. It continues to amaze me how she can relieve my aches and pains with her “power of touch”. She has helped me with serious sciatic pain and nagging back pain. Anita is kind and compassionate and I strongly recommend her for pain relief therapy.”


Anita is amazing. She has so many methods in her toolbox to help with relaxation, posture, flexibility and soreness from strenuous activity. She is a great person to go for after a long run or race!!!”


After two sessions, I have positive results!”


Anita is very friendly and competent. She listens well to her clients and is very knowledgeable in terms of different techniques”


I thoroughly enjoy the multiple healing modalities that Anita utilizes. She is extremely knowledgeable and compassionate”


Anita does not use a one size fits all approach for clients, but uses her experience, creativity and intuition to determine which method of healing would provide the most benefits to the client at each session”.