Massage Cupping


I am pleased to introduce a new technique here at Power of Touch Wellness: Massage Cupping.

Massage cupping is a modified version of “Cupping Therapy” which has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. In Massage Cupping, the cups create suction and negative pressure. They may be “parked” in a stationary position, picked up and pulled across the skin in a gliding motion, or manipulated in a variety of other ways, depending on the treatment goal. Some of the benefits of cupping include:

  • Calming the nervous system
  • Drawing out metabolic waste and toxins
  • Increasing circulation and hydration of the tissue
  • Relaxing taut tense muscles and knots

Clients often describe the sensation of the cupping technique as a warm and “tingling” feeling, often lasting long after the session is complete. The therapy itself is so relaxing that I often find patients drifting off to sleep on the table!

Massage Cupping complements all of our other treatments, from Pain Therapy to AromaTouch. It is quickly becoming one of my “go-to” therapies because of the positive, relaxing effect it has on the nervous system. When the nervous system is calm, the rest of the body will follow suit. Tight hamstrings, sore necks and backs and resistant, long-term issues readily give way after cupping.

For those who have seen the celebrities showing off their cupping marks a/k/a “cup kisses,” have no fear—cupping does not always leave marks, and specific techniques can be used to avoid them altogether. Also, these marks are evidence of healing, not pain or trauma.

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